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Things to do in Agra

About Us

Welcome to Bloom - your gateway to a world of fashion and lifestyle extravagance!
We are not your average event management company; we are the brainchild of two passionate fashion enthusiasts, Pooja Oberoi & Rimpi Jain, who embarked on a mission to bring the latest trends and haute couture to their beloved city. Our journey began in September 2015 when we unveiled the first high-end show in Agra under the prestigious banner of Vogue. Since then, we have grown into a powerhouse, completing 8+ successful years and organizing 30+ mesmerizing fashion exhibitions in Agra & Mathura.

Why Bloom

What sets Bloom apart is our ability to blend splendor, grandeur, glamour, and beauty all under one roof. Our exhibitions offer an inspiring day of fashion, retail therapy, and pampering for visitors seeking an engaging shopping experience. We curate products specifically tailored to their desires and lifestyle, showcasing the very best in Designer Apparels, Jewelry, Fashion Accessories, Home Décor, Artifacts, and more.

Vision and Values

At Bloom, our vision is to empower designers, both budding and established, by creating premier platforms for them to unleash their potential and maximize returns. We aim to revolutionize the world of Indian luxury items and designer apparels, offering visitors an unparalleled shopping experience. Our mission drives us to provide big and glamorous platforms for entrepreneurs, traders, professionals, and budding designers while promoting the rich cultural heritage of India. As a socially responsible entity, we uplift artisans and NGOs, showcasing their products free-of-cost. Our values center around innovation, integrity, and respect for our clients, ensuring an enchanting and unforgettable experience for all who walk through our doors. Join us as we weave together fashion, lifestyle, and culture for a remarkable journey!

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